Bella & Edward: An impossible love

Bella & Edward: An impossible love

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Taylor Lautner: Este lobo no es feroz/ Taylor Lautner: This wolf isn't ferocious
La noticia en español esta en el enlace. =)/

The new in English...
His role is the werewolf Jacob Black is a sturdy boy, impulsive and wild that he would do for his beloved.
The American actor of "Eclipse" confessed that he was embarrassed at first kiss with Kristen Stewart.
In real life, Taylor Lautner is a teenager of 18 years yet he was ashamed to be famous scenes from his first love, kiss included in the movie set. So I confessed the actor starred in "Eclipse," the third installment of the series "Twilight" ("Twilight") to the EEOC Italian magazine, which appears on the cover with fellow movie Kristen Stewart, known for her role as Bella Swan. "I was very embarrassed with all those people watching! But it is an important moment in the plot of the saga: Bella wakes up something for the first time, after a long time, start thinking about the possibility that Jacob is right, "Lautner said in an interview to the publication made for your stay in Rome to promote the recent release of "Eclipse."
About love, the muscular actor who sells thousands of teenage posters that decorate his bedroom with young werewolf, said that this feeling off-screen is very simple.
"For me, love should be simple: either you feel or not feel. I hope I never have a stormy relationship or fear of falling in love, I will not discuss love, "

By: Taylorina Cullen

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